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If you are facing a legal dispute in Whittier, CA and you are looking for an Honest, Aggressive and Experienced attorney, you’ve come to the Law Office of Elisa Blum. Our Whittier Attorney Elisa Blum has devoted his practice to legal disputes. Known as the divorce attorney. Elisa Blum is an experienced divorce attorney who has extensive 25-year years of experienced. Our clients enter our offices feeling overwhelmed and stressed but walk away with a sense of purpose and understanding as to the most efficient and cost-effective way to resolve their problems.

We are a full-service family law firm, providing personalized, professional service to clients from day one until resolution of their issues. Having lawyer offices in Whittier, CA and Ontario California allows me to see clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

Our Whittier litigation attorney will fight for you to protect your best interest whether by court order or an effective agreement in a courtroom. We are committed to our clients and will accompany them every step of the way through the legal system.


Our mediation attorney in Whittier take the time to listen to the circumstances surrounding your problems and explain to you the complicated legal issues involved. We strive to provide our clients with personalized client attention and ensure that our clients understand the legal process.

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We are proud to serve clients in the Whittier and surrounding areas with respect to family law matters, including divorce and legal separation, child custody and bankruptcies. Speak to our Whittier lawyer at Law Office of Elisa Blum now and get a free tips of your case.

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